Friday, November 15, 2013

FUEGO / We keep it rollin' - T-Shirt Update

Pre-Order Closed - Stay tuned for shipping details.

I apologize for the delay - the printer I use ran into some issues over the holiday.  There are a few of you who received notice the package shipped - currently, it has not but will by start of next week 2/10. To make up for the unforeseen delay, I will sweeten the deal - keep an eye out in your package when it arrives! 

Fuego - We keep it rollin' mock-up on unisex Tultex 0202TC Silver.

This shirt was only availble if you Pre-Order. (Not available on lot; I am not printing mass quantities of these - you can only get one by ordering now).

Pre-Order means that you purchase in advance of the printing. The shirt will ship roughly 2 weeks after the pre-order is over.  The Pre-Order will last until about 12/7.  I plan on trying to ship the shirt before YEMSG.  If you pre-order, you are okay with a flexible ship date. Your pre-order guarantees your shirt. This helps me accurately print the right number of shirts and conserve resources. The t-shirt will not be available after the pre-order ends.  If you want one, order now!

Price: $23 includes shipping (mainland U.S. only)
Sizes: unisex XXS-XXXL
Shirt: Tultex 0202TC in Silver  See the blank shirt here.

Front of shirt.

Rear of car with VT plates: FEFY.

About the illustrator:
Susie is an artist. Equal parts designer, scientist, and lover of the Phish, she has a degree in Marine Biology. Susie was a scientist for the past 10 years and has recently decided to change careers and pursue her love of art and design, specifically illustrations. Susie lives in Portland, Ore. with her husband and chocolate lab.

Please check out her website; contact her for design inquiries at; and follow Susie on Twitter @twittierthanyou.


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