Saturday, August 3, 2013

KEEP TAHOE WOO! - Shirt will ship week of 8/26.

NAFTA-friendly Tultex 0202 90% cotton/10% poly Unisex Heather Grey

Pre-Sale over!  Ordering closed!  Thank you!

Shirts wil be printed week of 8/19 and ship week of 8/26.
They will definitely ship before the Dick's run.  Do not plan on having yours in hand before Dicks - that way, if you do, you will be pleasantly surprised.

T-Shirt & Shipping Details:
- T-shirts are Tultex 0202TC 90% cotton/10% poly unisex on Heather Gray
- Printed locally in Portland, OR
- Shipping is included in the cost and will ship via USPS
- No refunds
- No exchanges once the shirt ships (if you change your mind about the size before the pre-sale period is over, please call or email me ASAP)

About the design:
- Based on the ubiquitous "KEEP TAHOE BLUE" stickers seen all over Lake Tahoe
- Add a dash of the Tahoe Tweezer "woo's" and voila!   


But who is this guy and how can he be trusted?
I grew up in New York and live in Portland, OR now.  My first show was SPAC '95.  I have sold hundreds of shirts this way since summer '11 whenever inspiration strikes me. I do this for fun and to help offset costs of the serious, deep raging at the Phish-shows I go to with all you fuckers. I am reliable, communicative, and one of you!  I was at Tahoe and moved to tears by the music, the scenery, and the PEOPLE.  That is why I'm doing this. See you at Dicks! Woo!

My past designs can be seen here: Past T-Shirt Designs.

Concerned? Questions? Email me:


  1. these t-shirts should come with a sticker

  2. Hi! I really want a couple of these! Seth, Please check your voicemail!